Tobacco industries should clean up their mess

Reading Time: 2 minutes We celebrated World No Tobacco Day, a g****l event to make an effort to minimise the use of tobacco, on […]

Genetically altered mosquitoes  to close gaps in malaria fight

Reading Time: 6 minutes In 2020, nearly 6.9 mi*lion cases of malaria and about 742 d***hs were confirmed in Kenya according to the Kenya […]

How tobacco industry uses front groups to advance interests

Reading Time: 2 minutes The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, k*****g more than 8 […]

How to discontinue breastfeeding in an easy, painless way

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Busia: Families finally allowed to visit prisoners since 2020 after Covid-19 vaccination

Reading Time: 2 minutes Families in Busia can now visit their imprisoned kin after the county health department conducted a Covid-19 vaccination exercise in […]

Why walking 7K steps a day wi*l keep you away from d***h

Reading Time: 3 minutes Middle-aged p****e can reduce their risk of premature d***h by more than two-thirds by walking just 7,000 steps on a […]

Guinea confirms West Africa’s first Marburg virus case

Reading Time: < 1 minute Health officials in Guinea have confirmed West Africa’s first case of Marburg, a highly-infectious disease that’s in the same family […]

WHO says Africa’s COVID-19 caseload at historic high amid third wave

Reading Time: 2 minutes The number of COVID-19 cases in Africa has surged at an unprecedented pace as the continent gr*pples with a third […]

WHO concerned over Covid-19 spread in Africa as South Africa, Kenya cases rising

Reading Time: < 1 minute Africa had reported 597,223 confirmed Covid-19 cases, including 9,691 d***hs, by Monday according to the WHO statistics.

COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated in S. Africa, prompts w*rning from WHO

Reading Time: < 1 minute The COVID-19 pandemic continued unabated in South Africa, with 9,300 new confirmed cases reported in the past 24 hours, Health […]