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Steps towards more resilient post-Covid economies

Rodger Voorhies Since Covid-19 hit, economies across Africa have experienced a dramatic slowdown. Even countries with limited initial incidence of […]

Private sector activities drop to 9-month low

Steve Umidha @UmidhaSteve Trade activities in Kenya’s private sector fell to a nine-month low in March with a slower pace […]

WhyAfrica needs more external aid

African countries require external assistance to enable sustained fiscal consolidation and economic growth, National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani has […]

Why Treasury needs to re-evaluate public spending

Back in the day, World Bank officials used to tell a story about an eastern European country that was struggling […]

Harnessing impact sourcing for digital economy

Alex Gichuru The digital economy is the cup that keeps on giving. It is revolutionising how people conduct daily activities, […]

Why debt-for-climate swaps is key for recovery

Leslie Olonyi  Covid-19 has wildly reiterated the growing external debt problem in the developing world, especially Africa. Unsustainable debt, environment […]

Analysts warn fate of bad loans tied to economic recovery

Agnistio Lenders are banking on expected economic recovery to unwind Sh1.4 trillion worth of bad loans amid warnings that some […]

Experts worried by Kenya’s Sh2tr private creditors debt

Kenya is classified among countries with a high concentration of private creditors, a position that analysts say could weaken its […]

Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia resume crucial dam talks

Addis Ababa, Monday Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia have resumed their talks over Addis Ababa’s controversial dam on the Blue Nile […]

Sub-Sahara Africa on tail end of child poverty war

Kenya and other sub-Sahara Africa countries lag behind in addressing cases of children living in extreme poverty accounting to 234 […]