August 9

I’m not a job seeker, says Magoha on his way out

Thursday, August 18th, 2022 10:30 | By
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha addresses the media at a past event PHOTO/Gerald Ithana

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha yesterday took pride in the work he has done in various key positions in the public service.

He reiterated that he is not looking for another job, even as he stated that working in Government has brought out his good and negative sides.

 He said his position at the helm of the Ministry of Education had not been easy and he has had to implement firm decisions in some cases.

“I believe strongly in God, and since I am very strong and extremely intelligent, God will find something for me to do. I believe so because there is a lot of work to be done in this country,” Magoha said yesterday in Nairobi.

“Like I have said previously, I do not look for jobs; jobs look for me. And you know why, wherever I have been, you can actually measure what I have done. There are very few Kenyans who deliver like that,” he added.

He said his style of management is walk-abouts, a trait he got from his days at Starehe Boys Centre as a student. He added that he is also good because he takes stock of what has been done. “I would want people to understand me and my training in Starehe, which I left 50 years ago. We were trained to manage by walk-abouts, never to delegate completely.”

He expressed satisfaction in some of his achievements like supervising construction of 5,000 classrooms in five months, saying no one else has done that in the country since independence. He  also lauded his entire team at the Ministry, saying they have worked together to deliver.

Magoha (above) added that he has also enjoyed working with the media, to an extent of getting on the wrong side of what was meant to be a joke.

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