August 9

Joshua Kuttuny takes a swipe at George Natembeya

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 15:07 | By
Cherangany MP Joshua Kuttuny takes a swipe at Natembeya.
Cherangany MP Joshua Kuttuny. PHOTO/Emanuel Tarus

Cherang’any Constituency Member of Parliament, Joshua Kuttuny has taken a swipe at Trans Nzoia gubernatorial hopeful George Natembeya following his recent remarks.

Speaking during a rally in Amani area of Makutano ward, Kutuny said the remarks are likely to fuel ethnic tension and breed hatred among members of communities living in Trans Nzoia County ahead of the August 9 polls.

“Natembeya, I asked you to remove your uniform and join the political contest, I gave you a working strategy that has helped you reach where you are. I am advising you not to accept to think along tribal lines that one community will guarantee you victory” Kuttuny stated.

Kuttuny rethinks his support for Natembeya

Jubilee party Deputy Secretary-General also noted that he was rethinking his position on his support for Natembeya after the reckless tribal incitement remarks.

“Yes I had loved you, but your latest remarks that Kalenjins cannot lead in Cherang’any and Saboti constituencies are not good. It does not mean that the fact we loved you means we hate your opponent. Kindly retract your statement, tame your tongue and rectify that for the sake of peace and cohesion in Trans Nzoia '' Kuttuny said.

Kuttuny said it is regrettable that such tribal statements came from the former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner.

“Natembeya, you have been a Regional Commissioner; we expect you to speak words that are uniting in nature unlike a politician. Your politics should never divide the people of Trans Nzoia” he added.

The vocal lawmaker added that such remarks are likely to deal a major blow to Natembeya’s candidature.

“In politics, downfall comes when you are almost there. Even if you win, remember that you will not be the Governor of one community, you will be the Governor of all the tribes in Trans Nzoia; you will be the Governor of the people who voted for you and those who vote otherwise” Kuttuny noted.

This comes a day after a section of Trans Nzoia residents condemned the remarks and asked Natembeya to tender a public apology.

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