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This stay-at-home order is straining my marriage

Hi Achokis.  We are a lovely couple I believe, that wants to keep our marriage going.  We have been married […]

Too busy to date, yet relative’s pressure to marry is too much

Hi Achokis, I’m in my mid-30s, single and a successful businessman. I’ve not yet found someone that I think I […]

Should I trust my mute boyfriend?

Hallo Achokis, I’m a campus girl who has been seeing a certain guy for three years now. The guy is […]

Can I date and financially support a younger man?

Hi, I recently met this guy with whom we have been in touch for the last four months. He is […]

Married but crazy about toned gymmate

Hi, I have a well-paying job and my husband, on the other hand, is not doing well financially. He lost […]

My boyfriend snubbed me on Valentine’s Day

Hi Achokis, I’ve been going out with this guy for the last three years. On Valentine’s Day, he only sent […]

How can I get over relationship anxiety?

I’m a single woman and I really want to get into a serious relationship and start a family, but I’m fearful of being taken advantage of.

My parents are demanding dowry from my poor fiancée

Hi Achokis, I met this handsome young man a few years ago. We hit it off from the word go […]