Author: Jasmine Atieno

Shapeshifters and the shadow world

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chomz-the first book by writer Farrah Bhaijee’s from Umbea Mtaani series, takes readers through an experience out of the hidden […]

Actress beats all odds to take lead role

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since she started her professional acting career about five years ago, Caroline Muthoni’s growth game is best described as unmatched. […]

I sheltered him from the rain … and we got together for love

Reading Time: 4 minutes For many years, artistes and many others in the Kenyan music industry have assumed Nairobi to be the main hub […]

Keeping your child safe, during a crowded Xmas

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tis the season! That’s for sure. For some, it’s time to travel away from the family’s everyday location and getting […]

Creative players now champions of climate justice

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Chiragala chiragala! Chetwagalo Kulagula! The energy is rising…filling up the air! Forests are burning…burning the green away! Swamps are flooding…plastics […]

Spiritual implications of felling baobab trees

Reading Time: 3 minutes Radio carbon dating has revealed that the African Baobab species also known as the Adansonia Digitata, could be over 2,000 […]

My son’s recovery after birth asphyxia led me to help others mothers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nearly one-half of new-born deaths occur during the first 24 hours after birth. Many of these are associated with extremely […]

No slowing down for young HIV influencer

Reading Time: 4 minutes At only 13 years old, young Cleopatra Wanjiku had to learn of her HIV/Aids positive status, accept and live the […]