Author: Jasmine Atieno

Celebrities honour great mums in style

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mother’s Day might not be the only time we celebrate our mothers, we appreciate them every day for everything that […]

The mystic moon and its energies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Muslims all over the world marked the end of the holy month of Ramadhan after the sighting of the moon. […]

Trauma bonding — are you emotionally bound to your abuser?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Many abusive relationships begin with a shower of affection and assurances of love. when the abuse begins, it may take […]

Equipping young people for job market

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is said that good leaders don’t create followers, but create more leaders. This is the case of Esther Gathigi […]

Careful not to partake from the devil’s table

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few weeks ago, musician and producer Exray claimed to have been involved with the illuminati secret society, who had […]

Saint Evo not afraid to break from the norm

Reading Time: 4 minutes While Afro House Music (tribal, deep and soulful house music) has its roots predominantly in South Africa, Kenya has had […]

Young activist fights against violations

Reading Time: 4 minutes If anyone would have told a younger Muthuri Kathure that he would be a human rights champion, he would have […]

Stigma that comes with raising fat child

Reading Time: 4 minutes While being physically big might not always be as a result of fast food or poor feeding habits, the stigma […]