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Not all is lost in the creativity industry

Covid-19 has dealt a huge blow to all sectors of the economy, and the creative industry has not been spared […]

Diviners in time of coronavirus pandemic

As the impact of the global pandemic heats up, many people are looking for solutions everywhere including the mystical Jasmine […]

Readying your family for coronavirus lockdown

Jasmine Atieno @sparkleMine After the spread of novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the […]

In bed with the competition – meet Massawe Japanni

MASSAWE JAPANNI is not just a seasoned Swahili presenter, but also an admired mother of three and a role model […]

Curse of living in the shadows of famous sibling

They may share the same last name and DNA, but when it comes to the lion’s share of the fame […]

Police pursue 132 suspects in wake of Coast gang attacks

Authorities in Mombasa have obtained a list of 132 names of people believed to be  members of criminal gang behind […]

Tattoos, an ultimate show of love or just a bad idea?

It is just a week after Valentine’s Day, a day when lovers reminded each other about their commitment to each […]

Heavy burdens of children with alcoholic parents

At the end of ‘Children of Alcoholics Week’, victims talk about their shame, loneliness and guilt with nowhere to turn […]