Author: Kennedy Buhere

Holiday not time to burden students with homework

Reading Time: 3 minutes Remain open and curious; expand your horizons and explore the world of knowledge and ski*ls with your students; and seek […]

S******fficials best suited to chair school boards

Reading Time: 3 minutes County C*mmissioners are set to provide leadership to the County Education Boards (CEB) upon the enactment of the Basic Education […]

Teach students to make, not copy, notes from books

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our teachers at Kivaywa Secondary School, in the early 1980s, were keen to know whether we were making optimal use […]

School holidays are important for sound learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes About ten years ago, some parents of children in a private boarding pr*mary school in Kakamega County were unhappy that […]

Blend education and training in journalism courses

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes in the 1980s, a student who had qualifi*d to join university declined to take up her position, saying she […]

Playwrights are important for education value

Reading Time: 3 minutes I often ask young Kenyans to tell me how many playwrights whose books they read, apart from the set book […]

Journalism has ignored writing on public service

Reading Time: 2 minutes Media houses have dedicated pages to cover important public policy areas such as the economy, sports and education on a […]

Support learners with learning difficulties

Reading Time: 3 minutes In principle, children whose parents are well educated have a higher propensity to learn. Everything around them has educational value. […]