Author: Kennedy Buhere

Why speech writers are critïcal for leaders’ success 

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the most critical responsibilities of leaders of any organisation is public speaking. Be it a political, religious, business […]

Further studies can hone expertise for teachers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some two years ago, I eavesdropped on two principals of secondary schools discussing an issue with enormous consequences to the […]

Children born out of wedlock have equal right to education

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Ministry of Education official (name withheld) was recently shocked that women in western Kenya did not go into marriages […]

School climate is a critical motivation for learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes in 2016,  the former principal of Alliance High School, David Kariuki, lamented the current student would rather be at […]

The English curriculum goes beyond amusing learners

Reading Time: 3 minutes In his March 7 column, Mr Isam Latoti, in an article titled KICD’s role should not stifle imagination in literature […]

Why principals bear role of ‘chief parents’ to learners 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Schools must be places of hope, love and crafting your dreams – Veronique Genniker. The former Principal of Butere Girls’ […]

Giving great speeches a title is acceptable, Prof Osogo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two weeks ago, the Dean, Kabarak Law School, Prof John Osogo apologised to the university community for titling an introductory […]

No correlation between curriculum and schools unrest

Reading Time: 3 minutes About a fortnight ago, a purported secondary school student attributed the indiscipline that gripped high school last year to several […]