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Joint commentary by editors of Kenyan media: Let us save our country

Reading Time: 3 minutes Joint Editorial of Kenyan Media Houses Tonight, the Kenyan nation stands on the precipice, following another day of mayhem across […]

Tough economic times ahead need wise choices

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenyans, already deeply mired in an economic quagmire, are bracing for tougher times ahead as the two leading political formations […]

How nutrition can be used to reduce malaria burden

Reading Time: 2 minutes Malaria, transmitted to humans through infected female mosquito bites, is a severe disease affecting millions globally. Although malaria is treatable […]

Can Kiptum really match Kipchoge’s feat?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kelvin Kiptum put in another awe-inspiring performance at Sunday’s London Marathon, knocking 12 seconds off the previous course record held […]

Experts develop policy brief on safety of GMO

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Benson Butori Researchers and medical experts have teamed up to develop a policy brief on the viability and the […]

We must first build strong relationships in order to prosper in business

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Bobby Bogonko  Many people confuse business networking with socializing and end up getting very frustrated because they go out expecting […]

James Karugu: A man committed to the rule of law

Reading Time: 7 minutes Deputy Public Prosecutor James Karugu, a long-serving and loyal senior officer in the Attorney General’s chambers, was the first choice […]

What a test of our healthcare plan in crisis time shows

Reading Time: 4 minutes When epidemics break out and public health emergencies are declared, people shy away from seeking care for other conditions. This […]