Author: Sandra Wekesa

Diagnostic delay, stigma haunt cervical cancer care

Reading Time: 6 minutes Foul smell, bleeding between periods, burns from wounds around her vagina and excruciating pelvic pains sum up the struggles 33-year-old […]

Lobby points out gaps in new reproductive health policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes As it moves towards consolidate gains made in the health sector, the Ministry of Health recently launched a landmark policy […]

Low key Fathers’ Day fete as cost of living bites

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Fathers Day was marked yesterday, not all Kenyan dads had something to look forward to due to the hard […]

Talking to your child about suicide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last week, 15-year-old Memusi Sankon, son of nominated MP David Sankok allegedly died by suicide. The teen’s death after an […]

Topics you should never discuss with your colleagues

Reading Time: 4 minutes Your day-to-day life might revolve around your colleagues more than around your friends and family. So, it would make sense […]

Are burial rituals vital for stillborn and newborns?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What would have been a joyful moment for Sheila Nanzayi turned out to be the most heartbreaking moment in her […]

Single and young? You can still adopt a child

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nkirote Muriithi always felt the need to adopt a child. She would share this idea with friends and family, and […]

Why childlessness by choice was unheard of

Reading Time: 4 minutes “My worth is not determined by having children,” happens to be one of the growing slogans among millennials and Generation […]