Author: Stephen Ndegwa

Facebook not a saint in social media rot

Reading Time: 3 minutes Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen hours-long testimony to the United States  Senate Commerce Consumer Protection subcommittee on Tuesday, last week, comprised […]

Working towards a common prosperity for humankind

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prosperity is viewed differently by people of different nationalities across the world. In most of the Western world, prosperity is […]

FM presenter views on Competency-Based Curriculum was in bad faith

Reading Time: 3 minutes The fact that talks in some local FM stations are hosted by hare-brained presenters is not something to belabour. But […]

Facts of U.S. meddling in Hong Kong laid bare

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the United States becomes increasingly desperate to hold on to a hegemonic past that is fast fading away, it […]

Is France shunning its deceptive Western allies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not many people would have predicted the immediate ramifications of America’s impunity, given its bravado during the launch of the […]

China – U.S. political parties meeting means the duo could still be friends

Reading Time: 3 minutes The conflict between the world’s superpower and its geopolitical rival has been trending for several years. If there was ill […]

Developing countries have now come of age

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although the Covid-19 pandemic has wrought devastating social and economic consequences globally, it has resulted in surprising outcomes. While the […]

Biden’s selective amnesia in latest talks with Xi

Reading Time: 4 minutes China’s President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday talked again on phone for the second time since […]