Author: Stephen Ndegwa

China’s Global South leadership bears fruit

Reading Time: 3 minutes One would be forgiven to think that the rest of the world has just realised about the plight of the […]

May be one-world religion will save the world

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Lady Ida Odinga last year said that the excessive number of churches in Kenya need pruning, Christian fanatics were […]

What new BRICS countries bring to the table

Reading Time: 3 minutes The curtains have already fallen on the 15th summit of the five major emerging economies in the world comprising Brazil, […]

Maui fires revive the ‘disaster capitalism’ storm

Reading Time: 3 minutes In her 2007 book titled, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein […]

We still need to have debate about marijuana

Reading Time: 3 minutes In May 2021, members of the Rastafari movement in Kenya filed a suit seeking to decriminalise the possession and personal […]

Of blind scams and Mt Kenya politics of stomach

Reading Time: 3 minutes Guys, in the last couple of weeks we have sank the lowest yet. We have derailed and are hurtling down […]

Firm policies key in tackling global warming

Reading Time: 2 minutes The world today more than ever is faced with many environmental challenges, most of which can be attributed to climate […]

How mediocrity has gradually killed professionalism

Reading Time: 3 minutes The terms ‘professional’, and ‘professionalism’, are the most contested words in human resources. Apparently, lack of the two HR requirements […]