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A new window opens in Afro-Chinese relations

There is no doubt that China and Africa are now joined at the hip. With the curtains falling on the […]

Chinese built Standard Gauge Railway defies COVID-19 gloom

According to the latest economic data released towards the end of last year, Kenya’s standard gauge railway cargo revenue rose […]

The world has gone too far, can’t turn back

The 20th Century has witnessed a couple of similar defining moments. One was the 1918 Spanish flu that lasted up […]

China still strongest link in global supply chains

The description of China as the world’s factory has just received another endorsement. According to a recent report titled Global […]

My autistic son teaches me a lot about PWDS

The annual UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was marked on December 3. The day has celebrated annually […]

Logistical, ethical fears of Covid jab are upon us

With the war against the coronavirus pandemic entering its final stage, the world has also ventured into uncharted waters, medically […]

Taking stock of FOCAC achievements amid the COVID-19 pandemic

During the 14th Senior Officials Meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister […]

Highs and lows of UN cannabis decision

Cannabis sativa, popularly known as bhang, weed or simply cannabis, is one of the most regulated, if not banned plants […]