How men are increasingly falling by own sword

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A man admiring nature. PHOTO/Pexels
A man admiring nature. PHOTO/Pexels

Well, well well! Where do I start from without inviting the wrath of the aggressive feminists’ bandwagon and other misandrists, who today are on the loose trying to extract their pound of flesh from the male species for their perceived injustices over eons?

Now now! When journalism school still taught the true essence of writing, veteran journalist and lecturer Joe Kadhi challenged us to “publish and be damned”. Kadhi could as well have been prophetic, for today one has to be careful about how you criticize society lest you be “cancelled”.

You have to be woke.

A couple of weeks ago, Mukoma wa Ngugi, the son of renowned Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, washed his father’s dirty linen in public. He narrated how his father abused his late mother, and her legacy was being buried, allegedly by his father.

Mukoma painted Ngugi as a monster, and his mother as the innocent recipient of the former’s diabolism.

But Mukoma should know better. The African culture handles matters differently. No one can defend an abusive father though. But the point is, for whose benefit are you disclosing this information? There are millions out there who have experienced worse, but can never have the gall to place their families in ridicule.

More shock awaited me when I read a parenting columnist’s gleeful account in a leading daily newspaper of how he almost kicked his father for his constant criticism. The gentleman lamented of a pained relationship, which almost ended with a physical confrontation towards his father.

You could feel the sense of pride in the narration, like the writer was playing to some gallery and would be rewarded for it.

I shudder to think how my son could have such possessed thoughts. Even by instinct, no one should have feelings of beating up his parents. It is simply insane. The writer needs to go back to his father, hoping he is still alive, and ask him for forgiveness, especially if his father knew what he intended to do. Otherwise, a curse is on him!

Going by recent accounts in the media, Mukoma has back peddled somehow, may be due to the backlash from his peers and community elders. However, he also needs to offer an apology to his father for the embarrassment he has caused him.

Even DP Rigathi Gachagua recently apologised to Mama Ngina Kenyatta for the insults spewed on her during the 2022 campaigns.

Guys, blame it on the mental weakening of men. We are living in interesting times where men, like we used to hear about women, have become gossips and their own worst enemies. You can hardly share your secrets with a close friend or confidant.

Within a few days, your secrets will be on the grapevine. You will be left wondering why your hitherto close friends start shunning you and showing you attitude.

The emasculation of men has come full circle with the creation of an effeminate society. Men are being pushed to behave more like women, call it metrosexual.

However, no one is asking women to be empathetic of men’s physical, mental and emotional health. It is like men have no feelings and needs anymore. Some of these issues cannot be sugarcoated. There is a definite scheme to make the male species as weak as possible as a way of reengineering society and make it malleable to manipulation.

Just a piece of advice to my fellow men from a trending social media post. Create time to rest; it is not a sin to sit down. Put up your legs on the table and pick popcorn whilst reading a book or just relaxing.

Sometimes go and sit outside quietly on your own; do nothing, say nothing. Just admire God’s handiwork, breathe in fresh air calmly. Hurry not.

— The writer is a PhD candidate in International Relations

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