Brookside splashes Sh142 million payout to farmers

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 07:30 | By
Brookside splashes Sh142 million payout to farmers. PHOTO/Print

The payout, under a reward scheme operated by the firm, will benefit individual farmers and groups countrywide.

The money will go to those who signed up for the programme and have been supplying raw milk to the firm for a six-month period between 1st December 2022 and 31st May, this year. In a statement Emmanuel Kabaki, Brookside’s general manager for milk procurement said farmers were rewarded for meeting milk supply targets in terms of quantity and quality. “The beneficiary farmer groups and individual suppliers signed up for our reward scheme and were given raw milk supply targets, for both quantity and quality,” he said, adding that the reward was a recognition for the farmers toil over the six-month period.

High value products

Kabaki further pointed out that the deal further bonds their excellent working relationship with their 160,000 raw milk suppliers across the country, even as it has boosted the supply of high-quality milk, thus enabling them expand share of high-value products.

Over that period, the volumes and quality of milk supplied to the processor has continued to grow, with this year’s intakes rising by 27 per cent over volumes supplied at a similar time last year.

Meanwhile, Brookside has also been working to improve corporate governance in its milk supply groups by training dairy co-operative officials on best management practices. “Involving our farmers in the quest to provide the best quality milk is mandatory,” Kabaki said.

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