Farmers reject new top millers’ sugarcane prices

Friday, March 24th, 2023 05:51 | By
sugarcane tractor. PHOTO/Courtesy

Sugarcane farmers have rejected the new cane prices announced by three leading sugar millers terming the increase negligible and an insult.

Kenya national Alliance of Sugarcane Farmers Associations (KNASFA), Kenya Sugarcane Growers Association (KESGA) and Smallholder Sugarcane Farmers Association of Kenya (SSFAK) scoffed at the Sh400 added to the initial Sh4,800 price for every ton of sugarcane delivered to the factories.

Saul Busolo, KNASFA chairman, KESG Secretary General Richard Ogendo and SSFAK chairman Stephen Narupa demanded that sugar millers pay Sh10,100 per tonne of delivered cane.

“The sugarcane pricing committee, which should regulate cane prices has not met to determine new prices. We shall announce boycott of cane deliveries next week to push for better returns, Ogendo declared.

The officials also want a review of the cane pricing committee membership to give farmers more say arguing, in its current form, the committee was a millers’ lapdog. The cane pricing committee has seven members, three from government, two farmers and two millers. The officials spoke a head of a National Assembly Agriculture  Departmental Committee public hearing on the Sugar Bill 2022. The Bill is sponsored by Navakholo MP Emmanuel Wangwe.

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