How captains of industry plan to spend Christmas

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Jacktone Lawi

The Covid-19 shock hit Kenya’s economy hard through supply and demand knocks causing activity to slow sharply in 2020 but recovery was witnessed in 2021. 

As the year comes to an end, Christmas and New Year celebrations have forced businesses to suspend operations to allow their employees time to be with their families.

However, for some businesses in the hospitality, retail and transportation sector, the festive season portends more business and they are likely to enjoy the festive season at their workplace.

Business Hub sought insights from captains of the industry about their expectations during this period and how they will spend the short festive season since schools will open in less than two weeks.

Fred Waswa: The Group CEO of Octagon Africa, a leading regional financial services provider, says that the festive season has come at a time that businesses have faced numerous challenges.

On his part he says many CEOs and business heads would have opted to travel and enjoy the festive period out of the country but that has not been the case. This time round we are getting back to the villages to meet the people.

“I have my team in the village that I’ve organised a tournament for. I am going to support them over this festive seasons as I meet local businesses in my rural home and try to equip them on essentials of managing their enterprises.”

He adds that despite the festive season being a merry making period the firm will be looking to train youths between the ages of 15-20 on “making sense out of cents.” 

Sarah Wahogo: For the chief executive officer at Safaricom Investment Co-operation the festive season will be a brief one.

Just like most of the other heads of businesses she will be travelling back to the village with her family, before resuming on the December 27 to launch a new product for its customers in Kisumu.

“I will travel to the rural home on the 25th and be back on 26th in preparation for the launch.

We are having a busy schedule from next year starting with the launch that’s happening on the 27th.” she said. 

Simon Wafubwa: While many individuals would prefer visiting known tourist destinations Simon Wafubwa, managing director of Enwealth Financial Services Ltd says he’s going to take this as a bonding time with his family.

“I am going to spend this time with my family, check on my parents and siblings” he said.

Reuben Kimani: The co-founder and CEO of Username Investments Ltd says that the festive season is time for employees and employers to reflect on the year.

“We are not closing we are just taking a break from work. Personally this is my time to visit my family and my in-laws.

Probably take a day or two to go out with my kids and then a couple more for myself to reflect on my targets and my New Year projections,”

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