Rosatom announces video online competition

By People Reporter
Friday, January 22nd, 2021
In summary

By Bernard Sigei

Rosatom, a renowned leader in nuclear technologies has announced a major video online competition which will help participants realize how they can explore and apply the nuclear technologies for their own benefits and of Africa at large.  

The 7 year old competition accommodates youth of between ages of 18 and 35 and has seen previous competitors create jobs from the skills acquired during the competitions for themselves in the nuclear space industry.

“At this period of time where jobs are scarce it is advisable that youth should be innovative and create jobs for themselves while helping in achieving the UN Sustainability goals in Africa,” said Ryan Collyer ,Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa in a statement.

Collyer added that they believe that working hand in hand with the youth the fight against climate change will be won and they will get to know the advantages the nuclear technologies has to offer to them and those in the same age bracket as them.

The themes which should be covered to qualify for the competition include how nuclear technologies assist in achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, how can nuclear technologies help developing countries industrialize, use of nuclear and myths and fears about nuclear and their solutions. Video narration language is either English or features with English subtitles.

“To qualify for the competition the competitors are required to upload their videos on Facebook or on Rosatom Africa’s website on or before 31st January 2021. The awards for the best competitors include all-expenses paid trip to Russia to explore advanced nuclear facilities.