Visa announces grant to fund women businesses

Thursday, August 11th, 2022 01:40 | By
Visa announces grant to fund women businesses

Visa has issued grants towards the African Women Impact Fund (AWIF) that is expected to support the working capital needs of women financial managers across Africa, including Kenya.

The grant has been issued in collaboration between Standard Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNICA). It will target 55 women across South East and West Africa who responded to AWIF’s call to action and have been part of the program since 2020.

“The funding will ensure that these business owners are able to focus on growing their enterprises without the burden of managing short-term debt and other operational costs related to building a successful business”Aida Diarra, Senior Vice President and Head of Sub-Saharan Africa at Visa stated. 

The funding plan announced by  Visa will be directed towards activities that will assist the business owners improve their technical skill sets, support operations, and address investment research capability.

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