Moses Kilonzo aka Nascent a Kenyan artiste who defied many odds to be an inspiration to youth

By Mwangi Alberto
Tuesday, April 27th, 2021
Moses Kilonzo.
In summary

Moses Kilonzo aka Nascent is a Kenyan artiste who has defied many odds to be a great inspiration to his fellow youth. Living with visual impairment, he’s never given up in life despite the numerous curve balls thrown to him. He talks with Mwangi Alberto about his experiences and plans.

How has your musical journey been?

Well, it has been good as one can ever wish. Of course, we achieved a lot as a duo Boomba Boyz, as we were the first hip-hop artistes to be signed by Ogopa Deejays.

The journey also has had a fair share of downfalls, with the most memorable one being when Colonel Moustapha shot the video for his Dodoma Singida song with my then-wife featuring as a vixen without my consent.

He, however agreed to remove her from the video at his own cost, and compensate me.

Is Boomba Boyz still in existence?

The duo is still strong. We had taken a break to rebrand though, and we shall be releasing new music soon, but jamming on a different genre.

All the tours we’ve done have taught us many lessons, and now we know what the world wants.

Currently, we are finalising our album that we expect to drop in December this year.

How challenging has it been to navigate the industry as an artiste living with a disability?

The terrain has not been smooth, as one would think. The road is always challenging and rough for an average Kenyan youth hustling their way up in the music industry, but it is a double tragedy for a persons living with disabilities (PWDs), especially when the impairment is sight.

With limited opportunities due to my impairment, it has not been easy. Performing on stage is also a challenge because I cannot see and read the crowd’s mood easily.

Covid-19 has been a huge challenge for many musicians. How have you personally dealt with this?

As an artiste, the lockdowns and restrictions have cut off shows and travel, hence, income has been affected.

I have since minimised my movements, which has affected my day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, I have used this time to perfect my skills.

You also have an interest in politics. Tell us why?

I prefer not calling it ‘an interest in politics’, but an interest in serving. Many Kenyans continue languishing in poverty since independence. Not because we lack resources, but because we lack servants.

This has deliberately been made to be so by the powers that want us to remain poor and yearning for handouts that they may easily control and manipulate us to maintain and even possess more power.

This huge disconnect in our political leadership has relegated the youth of this country to mere beggars, provoking me to wish to serve the people of Kenya.

Who or what influenced you to join politics?

The lack of political goodwill from our political leaders and the rising poverty levels amongst the Kenyans, despite the resources, has led me to this.

The carelessness, recklessness, and selfishness of these selfish political elite that have squashed the Kenyan youth to their knees and left them with hardly any opportunity to make ends meet are some of the things that inspired me to jump right in.

If I can see all these disconnections and feel I have the ideas to bridge the gap then fail to offer myself as a solution, I will not only be a curse to my own country, but also disloyal to God.

Do you think People With Disabilities (PWDs) have been underrepresented in our elective positions?

Yes, and this results from our retrogressive mentality that PWDs are to be helped and not help, led and not lead and be planned for and not plan for others.

What many don’t know is that one can be physically fit, but mentally disabled, and I think this summarises our politicians.

Are you planning to contest for an elective position in next year’s General Elections?

The people of Mavoko in Machakos county want me so badly. Again, three of Machakos county’s gubernatorial aspirants have approached me to be their running mate.

I have still not made up my mind about which way to go, but I will announce it when the time is ripe.

Will you then give up on music to go entirely into politics?

Not really. In Christianity, it is believed that Jesus was both God and man and saved the world.

He did not have to give up his Godly character to save the world. I have a massive following, and going into a leadership position will only give me more experience to highlight people’s needs in my music.

What’s your advice to any aspiring artiste living with a disability?

It is a harsh world out here. Go for what you believe in and let no one put you off or look down on you due to your disability.

Just know that God has good plans for your life, and if it were not so, you would not be alive today.