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Arama, silent MP who has cut a niche for himself in Nakuru

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 05:11 | By
Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama. PHOTO/File

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama is a man of contradictions.

A ‘silent’ MP, rough-edged but a gentle giant - who has wormed his way into the hearts of the masses in his constituency.

While Arama has been ranked, on a number of occasions, among MPs who rarely speak in Parliament, the legislator who was first elected on an ODM ticket in 2013 has grown into a political titan - outside the August house.

He is not always far from controversy. A few days ago, a short video emerged online of the MP ‘ejecting’ a group of police officers who were on patrol along KFA-Showground road accusing them of trespassing. Arama claimed that the police who had parked their vehicle by the roadside belonged to Nakuru East and therefore had no reason or justification to patrol in Nakuru West.”

Bwana OCPD, niko na watu yako hapa West, nataka uongee nao ni kama hawajui boundary iko wapi, what are they doing here?” (I am here with some of your officers, they don’t seem to know their boundary),” he said in a phone call to their superior.

Hapa ni Nakuru West; si Nakuru East. Hii gari sitaki kuiona hapa (I don’t want to see you here),” he roared, threatening to mobilise members of the public to forcibly eject the cops from the scene. The cops quickly board the vehicle and hurriedly drove away.

The three-minute clip aptly captures the life of Arama: A fierce defender of his constituents and a man who does not shun controversy. The legislator is often seen at the local police station defending petty offenders,  something that has made him a darling of the masses.

In 2018, the legislator was arrested by Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detectives over alleged illegal acquisition of land. The matter is ongoing in court.

Here, they are given ‘cash stipends’ and a small token of sugar, flour among other rations. He has also used the bursary to further endear himself to the masses with majority of those interviewed lauding him for being fair and understanding.

“Were it not for him, my children wouldn’t have gone to school last term… we will vote for him and follow him wherever he goes,” said Mama Mary.

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