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‘It’s all systems go’ – UDA gives update on party polls, w*rns against chaos

Thursday, April 25th, 2024 17:09 | By
UDA's National Elections Board (NEB) Chairperson Antony Mwaura gives an update on grassroots elections. PHOTO(@UDAKenya)/X

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has revealed their preparedness level to hold party polls that will kick off from Friday, April 25, 2024.

The Kazi ni Kazi party has stated that the body in charge of the elections has put in place the roadmap that will guide the process throughout.

"We wish to report that the National Election Board has put in place all the necessary plans towards ensuring that our elections in the five counties that are in phase one of the staggered polls are seamless and go according to plan.

"It is now all systems go!" UDA said in a press statement.

With logistical issues all sorted out, the ruling party urged party members in the counties where polls will take place to turn out in large numbers and vote for party officials they want.

"Our party members in Nairobi, Narok, West Pokot, Busia and Homabay are encouraged to turn up in large numbers in their respective polling stations to elect their officials.

"All the logistical plans are in place. Election materials, notably the electronic gadgets to be used, have been distributed to respective counties and the manpower is well prepared to conduct the elections.

"The preparations have been meticulous and as a board, we believe that we have aligned every cog of the wheel to ensure that the process is flawless," it added.

The voting process will be done electronically and this according to the elections board, only points to the fact that UDA is always setting the standards high.

"As we have announced before, our election will be purely electronic. The first electronic elections to be held in this country. Only the voter will be required to present him or herself to the polling station.

"Living in the digital world that we are in, we need to move with the systems and that is why we agreed that we go digital. UDA must always set the pace and we are doing exactly that, others may choose to follow," the presser continued.

UDA's National Elections Board (NEB) members gives an update on grassroots elections. PHOTO(@UDAKenya)/X
UDA's National Elections Board (NEB) members give an update on grassroots elections. PHOTO(@UDAKenya)/X

UDA warning

UDA has also warned against coercion, chaos and hooliganism during the exercise.

"As we go to polls, we request that civility be exercised and party members be allowed to exercise their rights and will freely and without coercion. Chaos, violence, bribery or any form of hooliganism will not be entertained.

"The board sends a strong warning to anyone who will be found to be a perpetrator or instigator of these electoral offences that it will not hesitate to take immediate disciplinary action, including disqualifying such candidates from taking part in the polls," UDA warned.

The elections board also reminded members that it will be very vigilant to arrest any vices to ensure a free and fair election process.

"We are determined to ensure a credible process where the will of party members will be allowed to reign," it promised.

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