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Babu Owino ready to succeed Mbadi as ODM chair

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 18:38 | By
Babu Owino ready to succeed Mbadi as ODM chair
Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. PHOTO/(@BabuOwino)X

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has expressed his interest in taking over Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party's leadership.

Taking to social media, Babu said he is ready to succeed the party's chair-nominated MP John Mbadi who earlier said he wants to step down from the post.

"We wish you well Hon. John Mbadi as you step down from ODM Party Chairmanship. It is now my time to take over from where you have left off and steer the Party to greater heights and prosperity. YOUTH POWER," he wrote.

Mbadi who has served as the chairman for almost a decade has been at the centre of criticism over his conspicuous miss from Raila Odinga's rallies.

"Those who think being chairman is so important to them let them offer themselves to lead, I am very ready to leave the position to them, right now I am the chair but I am not dying to be the chair, I have done by bit they took away my position as the minority leader.

"I am still alive, they can still take away the chairmanship, but I will still be alive. I want to repeat it for the record, I want to leave this position of ODM chair,” Mbadi said.

The outspoken MP stated that Raila is aware that he is ready to hand over the party leadership role. He noted that the process has only stagnated due to a lack of a vice chairperson to take over should he resign.

“I am not a person to run away from the office before we get good succession, I want to be succeeded, and still I will serve the party in whatever capacity. You know some people think being a chair is something I am dying for, far from the truth, I have done my bit.

"The same people at one point did not want me to attend the rallies, so since when did they discover that my attendance to rallies is important? I have other forums to address the party issues. I am better off even in parliament articulating issues of the party," Mbadi said.

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