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Murang’a County Assembly speaker opts not to defend seat

Friday, September 9th, 2022 15:16 | By
Outgoing Murang'a county assembly speaker Nduati Kariuki. PHOTO/Courtesy
Outgoing Murang'a county assembly speaker Nduati Kariuki. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nduati Kariuki, the Speaker of the Murang'a County Assembly Nduati Kariuki, has announced that he will not be defending his seat.

Kariuki, who has held the position of speaker for the last two terms, said he now wants to focus on private business after more than forty years in the public service.

The speaker's first appointment was as an Estate Surveyor in the Ministry of Public Works where he worked for ten years. He served as Makuyu (now Maragua) Member of Parliament for two terms.

Kariuki also served as chairman of the Constituency Development Fund, Kenya National Farmers Federation and board member of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance for another ten years combined.

"If you look at my sequence in service, I have done ten years in every position I have held and I am not going to break this by seeking a third term in the assembly," Kariuki stated.

The outgoing speaker said he feels it is time to let another person take over the assembly's leadership mantle and inject new energy into serving the residents.

"Forty years in public service is such a long time and I think I have given the best I could to the people of Murang'a and the country as well for the time I held the various positions," he added.

"I now want to focus on other duties that are not as demanding and controversial as this position has been but I will still be involved in serving the residents in other ways," he remarked.

Laid good foundation in Murang'a County Assembly

The speaker said he believes he has laid a good foundation for the assembly and urged the speaker who will be elected to ensure he carries on from where he has left.

"We have several laws which we passed in the assembly but they were not adopted by the previous government and thus the new members should follow up and ensure their implementation for the benefit of the people," he said.

He also urged the MCAs to be more vibrant and make laws which will help improve the livelihoods of the people of Murang'a.

With Kariuki having dropped out of the race, five contestants will now battle out for the position. They are Stephen Macharia, Joseph Mukuha, Erick Kimani, Newton Mwangi and Lawrence Munga.

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