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Ndindi Nyoro to Matiang’i: You can’t be CS now and be presidential candidate in 2022, resign

Monday, May 24th, 2021 16:12 | By
Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.
Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. Photo/File
Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. PHOTO/File

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has asked Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i to resign from his position if he intends to vie for presidency come 2022.

Nyoro says the CS should leave the government as soon as possible and embark on a meet the people tour ahead of 2022 if he is serious about his presidential dream.

He added that the Interior CS, like anybody else, has a right to contest for the top seat as enshrined in the constitution.

“There is nothing wrong with people having presidential dreams. Matiang'i is a human being and he is entitled to aspire to be the President of Kenya as per the law,” he said.

“Any serious presidential candidate is out here looking for votes. You cannot be a minister now and aspire to be a presidential candidate in 2022. Please hang your boots and come out here and face the people,” he added.

At the same time, the MP took a swipe at the CS’s 'perceived ambition' saying it is far-fetched and off the reality.

According to the MP, the Interior CS is looking forward to using the state machinery to get to the top.

“Matiang’i has been thinking that he will ride on the back of the system and the state for him to be anything. If I assess his ability to compete for the top seat, CS Mating’i is far from ripe for the battle,” he added.

But even as leaders allied to the Deputy President William Ruto castigate the Interior CS over his alleged presidential ambitions, at no time has Matiang’i declared that he will run for the seat.

The influential CS has never declared his political ambitions and he has apparently remained a stickler of his tough demeanour while discharging his mandate as Interior CS.

Being regarded as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s blue-eyed boy in the cabinet, Matiang’i is believed to be at the centre stage of the 2022 power matrix.

It is his closeness to power that has earned criticisms from those perceived to be in and out of government in equal measure.

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