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Governor Orengo defends his style of leadership amid reports of fallout with his deputy

Sunday, April 9th, 2023 18:36 | By
Orengo suspends revenue collection in Usenge for 7 days
Siaya Governor James Orengo. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The leadership wrangles pitying Siaya Governor James Orengo and his deputy William Oduol are threatening to tear apart the duo after the county boss defended his style of leadership.

It’s now two months since Orengo and his principal assistant reportedly fell out on issues related to the affairs of the devolved unit.

Oduol is expected to appear before Siaya County Assembly this week to explain the cause of the rift with his boss, coming only six months after taking the mantle of leadership.

However, Orengo has hinted at adopting a one-man-show style of leadership in Siaya so as to implement his Nyalore manifesto devoid of political interference.

The county boss, while addressing Siaya residents during the music extravaganza held at Siaya KMTC grounds on Saturday, said he was comfortable with his one-man-show style of leadership and told off critics to keep off the affairs of his administration.

“I swore to implement the Nyalore manifesto and would not want to be distracted by sideshows, in fact, I can run the affairs of Siaya comfortably as the Governor, though some people may see me as a lone ranger, or one-man guitar but the rhythm would invite the revellers into a dancing floor," Orengo stated.

“I am ready to work alone so that the great people of Siaya get service they deserve,” the governor remarked amid cheers from the crowd.

Orengo noted that he borrowed his style of leadership from Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga, who he claims has been able to achieve a lot politically.

“If he (Raila) calls for mass action, it happens and when quiet nothing is happening, so that’s the style that merits Siaya,” he added.

According to the governor, he is not ready to give in to pressure, intimidation or blackmail from his critics.

“I have a 9-point agenda entrenched in my manifesto and have started delivering some, especially the food security which was re-prioritized through a supplementary budget but in the next financial year, will undertake projects that would transform the lives of Siaya people.

“I took the leadership mantle to relieve our people from extreme poverty, hunger, diseases and illiteracy and that will be achieved," he said.

West Asembo MCA Gordon Onguru has on several occasions defended Orengo, saying the county boss was working well and initiated several development projects without the help of his deputy.

“Governor Orengo was given a mandate by the Siaya people and if Siaya messes up, the backstop with him. Even after his deputy differed with him he has continued to deliver on his development projects in fact he is not overwhelmed or overworked, the ward representative said.

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