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‘It only happens in Kenya’ – Ruto taunts Uhuru over his role in opposition coalition

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 15:03 | By
President William Ruto makes his speech a Breakfast at Safari Park, Nairobi, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. PHOTO/(@WilliamsRuto)Twitter
President William Ruto makes his speech during the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park, Nairobi, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. PHOTO/(@WilliamsRuto)Twitter

President William Ruto poked fun at his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta over his political dalliance with the opposition party, eight months after his retirement.

Speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park in Nairobi on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, President Ruto revisited the change of fortunes after the divisive presidential election, where Uhuru supported Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga for the country's top job.

Recalling the events of last year's prayer breakfast, Ruto, then deputy president, said he asked for forgiveness from his then-boss after their messy fallout ahead of the August 2022 polls.

“I remember the last prayer breakfast here was around the same. I remember asking for forgiveness from my friend the former president. It is interesting that today we are again discussing the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation,” Ruto said.

He laughed off how the former Head of State turned into an opposition leader following Raila's defeat to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance in the closely contested poll, saying such only happens in Kenya.

“It only happens in Kenya that in our last election, the opposition leader became the government candidate, and the sitting deputy president became the opposition, candidate,” President Ruto said.

“The opposition candidate won the election and the sitting president then handed over power to his deputy. And went ahead to become the leader of the opposition party. That only happens in Kenya,” he added.

Uhuru responds to critics

Last month, Uhuru, currently serving as the chairperson of Azimio, affirmed that he will not hang his political boots yet, despite criticism from Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza allies.

Speaking during the Jubilee Party National Delegates Convention at Ngong Racecourse on May 22, Uhuru told the delegates that he will continue serving them until when they will ask him to step down.

"I had thought that when I will summon the NDC I would come and tell you that I have achieved what I could and that it is time for you to pick other leaders," he said.

"But others decided that it would be intimidation and force, today I tell them to get someone to intimidate and not Uhuru Kenyatta."

Uhuru made the remarks in reference to the power wrangles in the Jubilee party, where a faction allied to the former Head of State accuses Ruto of plotting to take over the outfit.

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