How electric gates are bringing automation, elegance to property sector

By , People Daily Digital
Friday, January 14th, 2022 02:00 | 3 mins read
A remote controlled gate. Photo/PD/JOSEPH MAINA

Paul Njuru, an automatic gates installer says remote controlled doorways offer several coveted benefits, such as security, convenience and even increasing your property value.

Your gate probably appears to have it all; the solid, impregnable appearance that bespeaks its fortified metallic build, a dab of choice colour for aesthetics and an overall design that exudes your good sense of style.

But have you thought about the convenience of owning an automatic gate? 

As the property market evolves to cater to all tastes, developers keep tossing fresh and alluring ideas into the works to capture the interest of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

The electric gate is one promising candidate in this market place of fresh ideas.   

“In the real estate sector, the automatic gate increases property value due to the added convenience and aesthetic value,” says Paul Njuru, Managing Director of Centrik Entreprises Limited, a Nairobi-based firm that specialises in automation of gates. 

He says installing an automatic gate on your commercial premises can boost the curb appeal of your building.

Electric gates give an impression of grandeur, and with ornate features or detailed styling, they can transform the appearance of your business and make your building look more professional. 

With so many designs, finishes and styles to choose from, you can easily find electric gates that complement the aesthetics of your property.  

The sight of a gate swinging or sliding open at the prompt of a switch, lending class and fun to an otherwise dull activity, is among the value that technicians, such as Njuru’s team are promising to deliver.

But underlying the razzmatazz, an electric gate provides a set of alluring advantages that blend functionality, comfort and convenience to the user.

“Our clients prefer the automated gate due to the convenience it brings, in that you don’t have to get out of your car to open the gate or have to call someone inside the house to open the gate for you,” Njuru told Boma. 

In other words, why spend a fortune on gates to your property only to come home in the dark or the rain and have to get out of the car to shut your gate or garage door? 

The gate, says Njuru, is also a plus to the security of the property owner. The fact that it can automatically swing or slide open means the resident can securely perform the commands from the comfort of their car, a convenience, which could mitigate against possible ambush.

They act as a physical deterrent, making it more difficult for criminals to enter a premise. 

For a gate to have this functionality, Njuru says there are two options of design. “There are two designs of a gate, that is, a slide gate and a swing gate.

The swing gate has two wings, with each wing opening on either side. The gate motors are designed to open the gate automatically with the press of a button.

The remote button works within a radius of 80 metres from the gate,” he explains. 

Taking cognisance of the capricious nature of power supply, the firm has lent optional backup functionality to the gates, just in case of that meddling power outage. 

“The gate motors have power backup battery in case of power blackout. The battery can last up to 24 hours depending on the frequency of the gate opening. The motor can also use solar power,” he explains. 

He adds that despite the electric automation, the gate still retains its manual operability.  

Njuru says the automated gate can be opened by command controls from a mobile app provided by system manufacturers. 

“With the automatic gate you have the option of installing a pass code or card reader that enables you to have more precise control of access to your property,” he offers.