Lebanese fair

By , People Daily Digital
Saturday, November 20th, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read

If you are ever at Village Market and are looking for a quiet spot, you may want to check out Zeytoon.

The spot normally has soulful string music playing in the background.

The décor is quintessentially Lebanese, with a surfeit of gold drapery and colourful urns.

There is sequestered upstairs area, where one can sit behind colourful curtains and have a quiet conversation. One can also order for delivery, if all they want is good food while firmly in bed.

The few times I have been there, by few I mean two, the service and food were really great. I love trying out new cuisine, so I had Baba Ghanoush, some kebbe arab and hummus.

The food is normally made on order. One can have a cold or hot starter, or simply jump straight to the main meal and dessert. Dining is a personal experience, which you can curate dependent on the prevailing mood of the day.
Kebbe is a stuffed pastry that one can take with hummus or as is. It is crunchy and delicious. For the less adventurous, one can have chicken barbecue, which is normally served with either rice or fries. This is what my friend had the second time we visited.

They also serve grilled fish, lamb kebabs and chicken kebabs that I have not tried yet. Their shawarmas are quiet delicious and filling, that they can be classified as a full meal. I am partial to their chicken shawarma.

For drinks, one can either have juice or dugh.
Dugh, made with yoghurt, dry peppermint and salt, is something that grows on you. Order it if you are a venturesome eater, but steer clear if you do not like tart things.

The food portions are huge and the prices affordable. The service is great, friendly and solicitous without being overbearing. I am planning to go back and explore more menu items.