Spice, cheese and everything Indian

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Paneer cheese curry, the perfect marriage between paneer cheese and masala! Photo/PD/CATHERINE NJIRU

When the food finally docked on our table.  Heaven was on that plate. I could have inhaled it and ingested the aroma, but there wasn’t much time, so I savoured every bite instead.

With social distancing measures in place, the Food Hut restaurant located in Langata, breathes space. I’m kinda liking the setup.

The idea of tables spread metres apart brings in some sort of coziness in an abnormal setting, because well isn’t ‘abnormarree’ the new normal?

  Apparently, the place is busy in the evenings, sure enough. It is. Here the chefs cook; they cook.

And cook. And cook. The waiters then serve; serve. And serve. Massive takeaway orders here.

Menu in hand. Unlike my first Indian experience, I know what I want so much so that I’m helping my kid sister through the robust menu. I mean there’s so much to choose from. 

She’s not a chilli person and like every inexperienced diner in an Indian cuisine, she says Indian is synonymous with chilli, so everything in the menu including water must be spiced.

And not just spiced, extra hot. Then I think, if that’s the case, why come along to help the waiters serve or yeah maybe help the chefs reduce the chilli? But I digress.

We had to have the waiter confirm that the cuisine is sensitive to different palettes. If you don’t want chilli then no chilli for you.

It takes the waiters word over mine to get her on board. We’re not doing starters today, because well, we can’t wait to get to the main deal like the Kenyans we are.

No chilli for me please

 Minutes later it is unanimously decided that yours truly goes for cheese paneer masala.

This one caught my fancy simply because I like the mention of cheese, paneer and masala in the same sentence.

Le sister went for paneer makhana after yet another serious confrontation with the waiter who helped choose something that didn’t have the slightest chilli flavour in it.

At this point he has to do a ‘scouts honour’ promising that there shall not be the slightest pinch of chilli in her food. According to her, masala definitely meant chilli. 

 Anyway, we both went for naan, but chose different flavours so we would taste each other’s selection and have a diverse experience. 

I went for garlic naan. Before that meal, I had only had the usual naan and maybe garlic naan once.

I didn’t know much beyond that. Then here I was experiencing and discovering cheese naan.

I swore not to let the waiter breath until I had the full recipe. Which I eventually forgot to ask, but I’ll definitely get my hands on it. 

Few minutes later- you have to be patient because it’s a la carte- one of the main reasons I’ll be back here again and again- fresh food.

When the food finally docked on our table.  Heaven was on that plate. I could have inhaled it and ingested the aroma, but there wasn’t much time, so I  savoured every bite instead.

I couldn’t especially get my hands off that cheese naan. The cheese generosity that went into that naan was simply amazing.

You fold it like this and cheese was dripping and inviting you for a bite. 

I can still taste that meal – days later. Now that’s one lasting impression! Another experience here would really get me gaining some extra kilos.

But hey, it’s worth every kilo. Did I mention curiosity got us getting veg soya kheema as takeaway?

I’ve always thought soya would never see the light of day or is it darkness down my throat.

But I don’t know how they did this, how soya tasted so good is beyond me.  Minced meat all the way, this soya.

And me and you both know Indian cuisine and beef don’t mix. So, if not anything try this kheema. And oh, the cheese naan, hehe. Thank me later.

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