Volunteers pose nude for Tunick c****r aw*reness

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Volunteers pose nude for Tunick cancer awareness
Volunteers pose nude for Tunick cancer awareness

Around 2,500 people stripped off for a naked photoshoot on Bondi Beach on Saturday, designed to raise awareness of skin cancer.

The crowd gathered to take part in the latest work by US photographic artist Spencer Tunick, who is known for naked photo shoots at important landmarks around the world.

“We have an opportunity to raise awareness about skin checks and I’m honoured ... to come here, make my art and just celebrate the body and protection,” Tunick said at the beach in Sydney, according to Reuters.

One of the participants, Robyn Lindner, said she had been nervous about taking part.

“I was secretly terrified (and) last night I have to confess I was thinking, ‘What have I done?’” Lindner told the agency.

“But it was great, everyone was a really good vibe, everyone was really respectful and it just felt really fun.” It is Tunick’s fourth project in Australia, following on from a 2010 shoot in which he gathered some 5,500 people at Sydney’s famous Opera House.

Tunick is partnering with Skin Check Champions, a charity that runs free, educational skin check clinics.  The installation coincided with Australia’s National Skin Cancer Action Week, when Scott Maggs, the founder of the charity, will be urging everyone in the country to get a skin check.                     

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