A look at top showbiz scandals of the year that was

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Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi.

We’ve just ushered the New Year, but looking back at 2021, showbiz celebrities certainly gave fans plenty to talk about. From drama-filled public break-ups to deadbeat dads exposures, Faith Kyoumukama looks at the scandals that topped the entertainment industry charts in the year that was.

Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui

The year started with a break-up scandal between gospel singer Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui after three years of marriage.

The drama ensued after it emerged that Wambui had been engaged by another man, only described in reports as a business tycoon in Gilgil, Nakuru county.

Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui.

At first, the Narejea Kwako hitmaker wasn’t open to disclose much about the drama, but he later confirmed the split in an interview with a local publication in July where he went ahead to wish his ex-lover well in her new chapter in life. 

Kabi Wa Jesus 

Shortly after Owen’s debacle came the baby daddy drama starring Peter Kabi aka Kabi wa Jesus.

A lady who was identified as Ciku who is confirmed to be the YouTuber’s cousin accused him of being a deadbeat father who had abandoned the responsibilities of caring for their daughter known as Abby.

Kabi Wa Jesus.

However, through a YouTube video, the social media influencer alongside his wife Milly Wambui refuted the claims of him being a father to the said child, saying Abby was his niece backing it up with a rhetorical tag.

“How can someone say you are the father of your cousins child.” This subjected him to going through a paternity test that proved that he was the father to the baby girl.

Accompanied with the confirmed details, the YouTuber apologised to the public in a statement posted on his socials on how he handled the whole saga.

Actor Omosh 

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh was also part of the pack of scandals, despite Kenyans coming through for him when he cried out for help.

Earlier reports had indicated that the actor was broke, jobless and in debt. After several interviews about his situation, Kenyans were kind to raise funds for the actor to help him get back on his feet.


The actor through comedian Jalang’o was given land where a house was put up for him, as well as some money to help offset bills and pay for basic needs.

A few days later, Omosh asked for more money saying that what certain individuals had promised did not come through.

And indeed this rubbed Kenyans the wrong way going by their reactions on social media.  

Jimal, Amber Ray and Amira

Businessman Jimal Roho Safi found himself in a love triangle after feud between his wife Amira and socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray ensued at their home is Syokimau.

In an Instagram live video, the two were heard hurling insults at each other, with Amira accusing Amber of ruining her marriage blaming the husband for dating a socialite.

Amber Ray.

Amber, accompanied by her group of friends, suggested that Amira should have just accepted that they were sharing Jamal.

The back and forth between the trio has lasted many months and it’s still not clear if anything has been resolved.

Amira later posted on Instagram that she was single since she had already filed for divorce. 

Professor Hamo and Jemutai

In April, 2021, comedian Herman Gakobo Kago alias Professor Hamo was accused of being a deadbeat dad by fellow Churchill Show comic Stella Bunei aka Jemutai.

She went public claiming that Hamo had abandoned their children. Hamo, who at first disputed those claims, went ahead to ask for a paternity test, as he had doubts that the two children were biologically his.

Prof Hamo.

He later apologised via his social media pages after the results proved he was the father.

He said he had accepted the responsibility and the two are now in good terms with each other, seemingly even with Hamo’s wife. 

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe

As if his clout-chasing antics were not enough, comic Eric Omondi also somehow ended up in the deadbeat pool.

In early November, 2021, media personality Jacque Maribe broke the internet when he claimed that Eric had never provided financial support or consistently present in their son’s life.

In a YouTube interview, Eric made a call to the TV personality and she disclosed that he didn’t even know where Jacque and the child lived.

They later had a counselling session with Simon Kabu who seemed to have helped the two settle their differences. This was quite a drama.

Diana Marua and Willy Paul

These two wrapped up the year in the most scandalous way! On her YouTube channel, rapper and singer Bahati’s wife Diana shared that that artiste Willy Paul attempted to rape her some years back.


In the emotional 26-minute video, she claimed that Willy Paul had lied to the public about sleeping with her just to chase clout and push his album.

She said this was what pushed her to share the story on social media. However, Willy Paul went all out to refute the claims saying Bahati and his wife were employing PR stunts just to promote Diana’s fledging music career. This incident left netizens wondering who to believe.

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