Anxiety as unknown people invade Nakuru farm

Thursday, April 20th, 2023 00:30 | By
A farm land during sunset. Photo/Pexels

Farmers in Rongai sub-county in Nakuru have accused the police of laxity after unknown people invaded their 480-acre farm and property worth millions destroyed.

Unknown persons are said to have raided Nyoro Farm in Rongai on April 11 and brought down a perimeter fence and installed signage urging owners to vacate the said property.

Dickson Wahome, Nyoro Farm director said the invasion is bad for the economy and threatens food security.“We have about 150 acres under avocado farming, 150 under maize, and the other under hay. If farmers get frustrated, then it is bad for all of us,” Wahome said.

Weighing in on the issue, Sam Njoroge, also a director at the farm, said unknown people destroyed the fence and put up posters, warning that they should vacate the land.

“We are not sure why this has happened, police haven’t done anything despite us reporting to them several times. The invaders  damaged almost 3km of the fence and stole some of the posts,” Njoroge stated. He said the invasion started on April 11 and no arrests have been made so far despite reports being made at Rongai Police Station.

“We have done three reports at the station but nothing has been done. It is a dangerous trend we are walking on, they claim we have hived off part of their land but these claims have been denounced by the government surveyor,” he said.

Njoroge said it was hard for the local administration and police not to be aware of the invasion and destruction of property.

However, Rongai Sub-County Police Commander Wilberforce Sicharani said his office is aware of the matter and has launched investigations.

He revealed that despite the directors reporting the matter, they are yet to record a statement to assist the police in apprehending the culprits.

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