Babu Owino offers to buy DJ Evolve a house after being acquitted in attempted murder case

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 11:33 | By
Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve in a past photo at the B Club. PHOTO/COURTESY

Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino has offered to buy an apartment for the family of Felix Orinda, also known as DJ Evolve.

The legislator also agreed to pay the DJ's medical expenses after his attempted murder charge was withdrawn.

“As a condition of withdrawal, the MP will purchase an apartment for the victim, which will resolve the issue of house rent, and continue paying the hospital bills of the victim who comes from a humble background,” Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi ruled on Tuesday.

Ochoi acquitted the MP but declined to withdraw the second charge of behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm.

“The charge is now withdrawn and the accused is acquitted in the attempted murder charge. In behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm charge, it is not personal in nature and the same can only be withdrawn by the DPP,” ruled the magistrate.

The MP was charged last year with attempting to murder DJ Evolve, by shooting him on the neck at B-Club in Kilimani, Nairobi on January 17.

“It appears they maintained the friendship even after the incident. This is a matter where the court should encourage reconciliation as envisaged in the Constitution and therefore will allow the application to withdraw the charges against the accused in count 1,” he ruled.

Babu had earlier been released on Ksh10 million cash bail which was to be used to settle the medical bill of DJ Evolve while he was still admitted in hospital and subsequent treatment upon discharge.

The sum was to be deposited in court in four equal instalments of Ksh2.5 million.

The High Court, however, reviewed the terms and released him on ksh5 million cash bail or a bond of ksh10 million with two sureties of the same amount.

On March 15, the magistrate had declined to allow application for withdrawal of the case saying unconditional withdrawal of the case was not appropriate.

The DJ had said that after consultation with his family, they agreed to concentrate on his health rather than the case of attempted murder.

The magistrate, however, noted that the court had not been told whether any form of compensation had been made to the victim.

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