Be ready to pay taxes to save our ailing economy – Ruto tells Kenyans

Sunday, September 11th, 2022 20:16 | By
'I am confident of winning'-Ruto
President-elect William Ruto at a past rally. PHOTO/(@WilliamsRuto)/Twitter

President-elect William Ruto has called on Kenyans to be ready to pay taxes to help the country recover from the burdened economy inherited from the huge debt.

Speaking at Maua stadium in Meru county where he attended a thanksgiving ceremony, two days before his swearing-in, Ruto claimed the country has an outstanding debt of close to Ksh10 trillion a move he said is a huge burden to the economy.

Accompanied by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua and a team of Kenyan Kwanza leaders from Mt Kenya East, the president-elect noted that his government is focused on reviving the grounding economy and lowering the cost of living.

"It is a must we lower the cost of living and save our economy from sinking further because Kenyans are suffering despite us inheriting a country with almost busting debts ," he said .

He called on Kenyans to support the government on economy recovery process by paying tax calling on Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to wake up to the task.

"Paying tax is the only way we can save this nation because we have been borrowing more than saving we have a debt of close to ksh 10 trillion and at the same time we must implement the big four agenda to make the lives of kenyans better ," he added.

Claiming his government will not focus on further borrowing, the president in waiting noted he will prioritize on recovery modalities to help this nation stand economically .

He added that it is unfortunate that Kenya only save 7 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) compared to China that save 55 percent

'"China is able to loan us because they save 55 percent compared to our country that unfortunately save on save 7 percent which way far low so we need to work hard to get ourselves from this mess.

"I will lead from the front in paying the tax so am calling on KRA to conduct the exercise in a professional and transparent manner without harassing kenyans let no single citizen business be closed because they have not paid tax we just need to be responsible ," he added .

At the same time he announced new affordable maize floor and fertilizer prices will be announced next in a move met to make food affordable and boost farming for better produce .

'"We cannot continue digging the hole which is already too deep we need to fight on how to get out of the hole and that why we are asking Kenyans ,leaders who will be in the formation and even those in opposition to team with us so that we can recover this economy and grow our nation together ," said Ruto .

“I am looking forward for the day that we will borrow money from the people of Kenya and not other countries,”lamented Ruto

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