CS Kagwe speaks over Siaya’s controversial burial

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 23:43 | By
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe Photo/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Health Cabinet Secretary(CS) Mutahi Kagwe has regretted Siaya's controversial burial done at wee hours of the night and with no observance to the Ministry's guidelines.

The deceased in Siaya, James Oyugi, succumbed to Covid-19 according to Siaya County health officials. The controversial 2am burial by Siaya health officers shocked the family and left the village in panic

While responding to Senate Committee's letter by Senator James Orengo, CS Kagwe said the burial was undignified and didn't show respect to the dead as stipulated in Covid-19 burial guidelines.

"It is not the wish of the Ministry to conduct the burial as it happened which was not in line with the guidelines that promote a dignified burial process, respect for the deceased and respect of the rights of the family(sic)" Said the CS.

About the growing concern on Mr Oyugi's cause of death, the Ministry said Siaya County had ascertained the death to be from Covid-19.

Mr. Kagwe noted that Siaya County officials did not follow the guidelines of burying a deceased who succumbed to Covid-19

However, CS Kagwe could not explain why there was complete disregard of the burial protocols laid out by the Ministry. Siaya health officials buried the body only in a polythene paper and without a casket.

Whereas the family of the deceased was supposed to liaise with health officers to plan the burial, Siaya County health officials only informed the family of the burial and conducted it all by themselves. The family only watched in disbelief the undignified send-off to their loved one.


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