CS Matiang’i: DP Ruto’s official Karen residence is not a State Lodge to be guarded by GSU officers only

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 16:37 | By

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i has dismissed claims that Deputy President's official Karen residence must be guarded by General Service Unit (GSU) officers.

When he appeared before the National Assembly's Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security on Wednesday, September 1, CS Matiang'i stated only State House and State Lodges legally require mandatory protection of GSU officers.

"Let us just be frank with each other, the Deputy President's official residence is not a State House or State Lodge; the law is very clear. There are some things that sound politically sensible but when you go by the law, they don’t," CS Matiang'i said.

He further challenged the MPs to provide an article in the Kenyan Constitution that states the DP's official residence is State Lodge to qualify for a GSU protection only.

"You are the legislators, give me the law that redesignates the residence of the Deputy President and makes it a state lodge so that I gazette it based on that law. The law is very clear on the official residence that must be protected by the GSU officers," he added.

At the same time, the Interior CS stated DP William Ruto is the most protected

Deputy President since independence.

According to CS Matiang'i, 257 police officers have been deployed to protect the DP Ruto and his private properties.

"The presidential escort team for DP is intact. These are people who have been with him for a long time. No one has changed them," Matiang'i told the committee.

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