Del Monte welcomes move to resurvey their farms

Thursday, November 28th, 2019 18:03 | By

Del Monte Fruit processing company on Thursday welcomed the decision by the Parliamentary Lands Committee directing the director of Survey, Lands and Physical Planning to resurvey the land within its confines.

Through a press release seen by People Daily, the company's Managing Director (MD) Stegios Gkalimoutsas said the resurveying of the land will help dispel the false and malicious claims that the firm occupies more land than what is documented.

The MD said the tittle deeds for the parcels of land were confirmed by the director of survey back in 1970 and 1973 when they were issued.

Further, he said up to date the company has not had any single case of land dispute over the four decades until the matters of the lease renewal came up.

"We are open  for the resurveying  because we have nothing to hide and the land ownership documents are also public and can be accessed through the director of survey for scrutiny," he said.

Gkalimoutsas also said they are ready to engage the relevant stakeholders in a bid to reach a reasonable settlement on the the lease renewal matter.

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