‘Every illegal gun must be surrendered willingly or by force’ – Ruto

Friday, March 10th, 2023 16:35 | By
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President William Ruto during a past press briefing. PHOTO/Courtesy

President William Ruto has stated that every bandit must now be brought to book.

Speaking during the officer cadets commissioning parade at the Kenya Military Academy in Nakuru, the Head of State averred that every illegal firearm must be surrendered to the government willingly or by force.

While directing the military to join forces with the ministry of education to rebuild schools destroyed by the bandits, Ruto insisted that every child must go back to school.

"Every bandit must be brought to book, every illegal gun surrendered willingly or by force and every child must go back to school. I have directed the military to work with the ministry of education to rebuild all destroyed schools, to allow children to go back to school," he stated.

Ruto further frowned upon the misguided idea of the acquisition of illegal arms, mobilization to commit crime, murder, robbery and violence.

"The dangerously misguided idea that people can acquire illegal arms, mobilise to commit murder, robbery, violence and other criminal acts, & in the process displace, torment, cause suffering and insecurity to peaceful communities, must & will come to an end," he added.

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