Government to roll out speed monitor system to reduce accidents

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023 08:30 | By
Edward Mwamburi, traffic liaison officer at Kenya Police headquarters

In an attempt to instill discipline on Kenyan roads, the government is set to roll out a system that will alert authorities for action on time.

Speaking yesterday during a consultative meeting between Regional Traffic Enforcement Officers and Direct Line Insurance Company, Deputy Inspector General of Police Douglas Kanja said the system will monitor speeding and rogue drivers who will attempt to tamper with speed monitoring gadgets installed in the vehicles among other violations.

“The National Government has invested a lot in improving the management of traffic operations. Currently, National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is developing a crush data system with which officers will be able to enter and transmit accident data through police channels in real-time,” said Traffic Liason Officer at Police Headquarters Edward Mwamburi who read the speech on behalf of Kanja.

Kanja says as part of digitization, the platform will bring together all PSVs under one platform in the country unlike before.

Digitize process

The data will be mined from speed limiters and then shared in real-time with the matatu owners and the authority for action to be taken against those who tamper with the system or speed.

“All the matatus saccos will be integrated in the new and they will have their platform and we will have our side of it, it will help us to digitize the process of enforcement,” he said.

At the same time, Kanja said the police service is working with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on strengthening of safe system approach to road traffic accidents.

“The system will ultimately make management of accidents simple, detailed, easily analysed, securely stored, and seamlessly disseminated,” he said.

A the same time, Kanja said the Police Service will soon launch a crackdown that will seek to identify insurance providers issuing PSVs with fake covers.

“Competitors in motor insurance are currently in a state of cutthroat competition. Some are offering genuinely attractive packages while others offer rather questionable deals.

The question then is; what makes a good motor vehicle insurance cover/ answering all these questions will resolve the problem of fake covers that place innocent citizens at risk of non-compensation even for deserving cases,” said Kanja.

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