Government urged to streamline CBC education system

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 01:30 | By
Federation of Kenya Employers Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Mugo
Federation of Kenya Employers Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Mugo. PHOTO/Print

The government has been challenged to address all the bottlenecks in the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) system of education.

The Federation of Kenya Employers Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Mugo (pictured) said the job market was rapidly evolving and thus requires a responsive education system

Speaking Sunday at Omuga Primary School in Homa Bay county, Mugo urged the government to put in place measures to improve the schools’ infrastructure.

The CEO said there was a need for all the stakeholders to dedicate sufficient resources to the education sector.

Mugo asked the government to ensure the curriculum equips students with practical skills rather than just theoretical knowledge that meet the dynamic of the job market.

Comprehensive strategy

“As a federation, we commend the government for its commitment to implement the CBC. However, there is a need for a comprehensive strategy to ensure our education system produces students who are not only academically successful but also possess practical skills that can meet the demand of employers,” Mugo said.

The CEO told the government to prioritise equipping schools, especially those in rural areas, with the necessary infrastructure to enhance the implementation of CBC.

She noted that poor infrastructure impedes the implementation of the CBC in underprivileged schools.

Mugo said putting proper infrastructure and adequate facilities will enable the smooth implementation of the curriculum. She said this would bridge the gap between children from poor and rich backgrounds.

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