HELB to employers: You have 3 days to discharge your employee deductions or face 5% penalty

Monday, June 12th, 2023 17:37 | By
Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) logo. PHOTO/Print
Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) logo. PHOTO/Print

Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) has sent out a reminder to all employers to remind them of their employee HELB deductions deadline.

HELB shared the information on their twitter page, which read, " You have just 3 days left to discharge your employee HELB deductions. Remit by the 15th and help us keep dreams alive."

On their social handle, HELB urged employers to 'ensure timely and consistent deductions of HELB loan repayments' to help them empower dreams.

"For the last 27 years, HELB has empowered dreams of more than 1.23 million students and disbursed over Kshs. 130.1 billion," HELB website statement read.

HELB also reminded employers of the consequences of failing to remit the loan deductions before the said deadline.

"All loan deductions must be remitted to HELB by the 15th of the month following deduction. Failing to remit or delayed remittance attracts a 5% penalty of the total amount due, on the employer," the post read.

HELB fake news

HELB has also flagged a fake website that has been sharing fake news regarding the higher education loans board. The board urged all Kenyans to get correct information from their official channels of communication.

Fake news alert. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Using the hashtag #kaachonjo, HELB shared the official social media handles and other channels through which Kenyans can get authentic information.

"Beware of Fake news. Get authentic information from our official channels: Facebook (@HELBPage), Twitter (@HELBpage), email; [email protected] or call 0711 052 000. #Kaachonjo," the post read.

HELB loan repayment

HELB has also shared their Youtube channel where they share stories of their 'partnerships for impact' stories.

In addition, HELB also shared information on how those who have benefitted from HELB loans can repay them using M-Pesa.

HELB loan repayment options. PHOTO/Courtesy.

HELB also shared that they have 'repayment options that suit everyone, urging kenyans to visit their website to get a repayment option that is convenient for them.'

"Whether you prefer the convenience of M-PESA or the ease of a direct bank transfer, we have a repayment option that will work for you. Visit our website today and select the repayment option that suits your needs," the post read.


HELB has partnered with several organizations in an effort to 'help promising but needy students to continue pursuing their studies.'

"The Higher Education Loans Board has for a very long time depended on the National Government support through Treasury to fulfil its noble mandate of supporting deserving Kenyan students pursuing higher education.

"As the demand for HELB products continues to increase, the resources available are not sufficient to match the demand. This has resulted in HELB seeking alternative sources of funds having realized that total dependence on Treasury funding is not sustainable in the long run," HELB website reads.

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