Hostile victims deal heavy blow to Shakahola massacre probe detectives

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 06:20 | By

Homicide detectives handling Shakahola cult survivors are facing a myriad of challenges from survivors, who have now declined to cooperate with the investigators.

A number of those rescued are expected to be turned into State witnesses against suspected Shakahola cult leader, Paul Mackenzie.

They have however declined to cooperate with investigators in what they now term as solidarity with their ‘king’.

Homicide lead detective, Inspector Raphael Wanjohi has revealed that a number of the survivors who have since been rescued from the Shakahola ranch have refused to eat, and have medication administered to them in solidarity with their Mackenzie.

“Some have behavioral changes where they have declined to shave  their hair, are giving scripted versions of events,and insist on being taken back to the forest to continue with their fasting,” stated Wanjohi in his affidavit.

Wanjohi told Shanzu senior principal magistrate, Yusuf Shikanda that survivors who had earlier written their statements with police have now declined to sign their statements.

“We require more time to convince the survivors, some of whom are key witnesses in the case, to cooperate with investigators and sign the already recorded statements which are set to be used against Mackenzie’s prosecution,” he stated.

As the cult survivors remain in solidarity with Mackenzie, on his part, vowing to boycott court appearances alleging that his rights were being violated by his continued stay in police cells.

According to his lawyer Wyciffe Makasembo has alleged that his client will not appear in court for the ruling of the state’s application that had sought to hold him for 60 more days to allow police complete investigations.

“He has informed me that he alongside 17 suspects will not appear in court and no amount of force against them will make them come to court on Wednesday this week, they have all agreed to continue being held in the cells where they have been held for the last two months,” he said.

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