How to see through her lies

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How to see through her lies.

Sometimes, an untruth is sweeter than facing the bitter truth. We help you figure out when your girl is not speaking her heart out. 

Women. So unpredictable. So mysterious. They have more layers than an onion, which men are left to figure out.

While many of us strive to be honest, truthful, and forthright, we do not always tell the truth. Most of the time, we tell white lies, calculated lies, half-truths, well, just to keep the peace.

This week, we help men figure out when their little adorable girl is not speaking her heart out. 

Number of sexual partners

This is the most common thing that a woman will lie about. Morris Mugo, 36 says more than 90 per cent of women lie about this.

He sites that when men tell you they have slept with six girls, probably they have slept with two. “Men multiply the count by three,” he believes. 

He added: “When a girl tells you she has been with three guys, nine guys is probably more accurate.

I have found that a lot of times it’s even more, maybe six or seven times the number she told you.”

However, psychologist Mercelina Odawa partly agrees that men lie on their body count to look superior and man enough, while women on the other hand would lie to look innocent and dateable. 

We are just friends, he’s not interested

When you ask women of their relationship with another man, when they are committed to you, they will tell you “We are just friends, he’s not interested in me.”

 Odawa explains why women lie about this. “Women will have “backup plans” that they will continue chatting and flirting with.

They keep them in case the relationship doesn’t work out or they have somebody to run to when there is a big fight in the relationship,” she says. 

Past abortions

“I’ve had two abortions in the past, because the men responsible were not ready to own up. More so, I did it because I myself was not ready to have a child.

So when I got pregnant the third time with a different man, I knew abortion was out of question and decided to have the child and settle down,” says Maryanne Ogola, 27.

 “I do not regret my decision.” Ogola says that her stay-in boyfriend does not know of her past abortions and she would die if he would.

Just say it, I won’t get angry

This one is tricky, leaving you with a ditch on one side and a bigger ditch on the other.

This lie is usually thrown at you when she wants an honest opinion and knows what it can be, but still wants to hear it. 

Irrespective of what you say, she is going to get furious for sure. This usually happens in questions related to her looks, the food that she cooks, that tangy orange shirt she brought you.

“Sometimes it is tough to handle. Once, my woman asked my honest opinion on a tight dress she had worn.

I told her honestly that she was looking like a stuffed pillow and she was mad at me.

Taking cues from my past experience, on another occasion I did my best to flatter her. To my sheer surprise, even that made her angry and she blamed me for not being a fair critic,” complains Eric Otieno.

It’s no doubt that she’s lying on this one. Question is, what’s the solution? Answers Odawa: “It’s not that women cannot take true criticism from their men or expect praises all the time.

But what they actually expect is that criticism should come in a softer and suggestive manner, rather than a striking taunt on her looks.

So, without being too critical or over flattering, just tell her that she needs to work out on her minuses.”

I’ve never done this before

Every man out there must have heard this countless times. After bringing a girl back to your place on a first date or after just meeting her in the club, she will say “I’ve never done this before.”

“Women say that so the man will believe that she is a good girl who would never go home with a man she just met, but that he is just that one in a million who it ended up happening with.

Of course, if she’s saying that, it’s not even close to the first time she has ever done something like that,” says psychologist Michael Murimi.

However, there is one positive thing you can take from these lies: it means that she is interested in a relationship with you.

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