Kenya Sevens rugby team Shujaa face Ivory Coast for Tokyo slot

Friday, October 25th, 2019 20:56 | By
Kenya Sevens rugby team Shujaa .

Kenya Sevens rugby team Shujaa will on November 8 kick off their 2019 Africa Sevens-cum-Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifiers campaign against Ivory Coast in a new format to be contested by top-14 teams.

After Kenya’s first qualification by Lionesses, Shujaa is looking forward to making similar headlines in the second weekend of November.

Unlike last season where action kicked off from pools, this edition will see 14 top teams in Africa contest for eight playoffs slots whereby six losers will drop to compete for rankings.

Action will kick off with seven qualifying rounds to determine sevens winners and the best loser to form two playoffs pools of four teams each while the other six drops to rankings fixtures divided in two pools of three teams each.

The winner of the qualifiers in Johannesburg, South Africa will walk away with the sole qualification.                               

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