Kisii: Protestors urged to shun destroying properties

Monday, July 17th, 2023 15:43 | By
Kisii Protests
Kisii residents protests in the past. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kisii County residents have been urged to avoid destroying properties in the upcoming protests called by the Azimio la Umoja leaders on Wednesday.

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Kisii County coordinator Hezekiah Bosire has urged demonstrators to exercise restraint and shun burning roads and destroying properties.

He has implored protesters to avoid rushing and hiding in schools, saying, it will endanger the lives of learners and teachers.

“It is true the cost of living is high. Burning roads and destroying properties will not solve the problem. Let the protests be peaceful,” Bosire told People Daily Digital in Kisii town.

The official said barricading and burning roads will affect innocent people who want to rush patients to hospitals or attend emergencies and urged the protesters to respect the rights of others.

He said Kenyans have a right to protest and picket as enshrined in the constitution. He urged security officers to protect the protesters and ensure they do not loot and destroy private properties.

Kisii Woman Rep

Echoing his sentiments, Kisii County Woman Representative, Dorice Donya Aburi challenged security officers to shun the use of excessive force to quell the demonstrations to avoid causing deaths and injuries.

The MP appealed to the protesters to embrace peace during the protests and ensure they do not burn roads or destroy properties.

“I support peaceful protests. There is no need to kill people or destroy properties in the name of protests” Donya said.

She challenged county residents to emulate other counties where protestors embraced peaceful demos and challenged the government to address the plight of Kenyans to ease their suffering.

Small-scale traders chairperson in Kisii, Jane Matiabe appealed to traders to keep off their businesses, saying, some protesters can take advantage and steal from them.

She challenged the protesters to shun burning the traders' kiosks and tables, saying it negates the essence of the protest.

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