UDA leaders making mockery of hustlers’ trust

Monday, April 29th, 2024 03:00 | By
UDA campaigns
Leaders address a crowd while campaigning for UDA in Kiambu County. PHOTO/Print

In a fledgling multiparty democracy like ours, numbers are important. In fact, absolute numbers in both the Senate and National Assembly play a critical role in helping the ruling regime advance its agenda.

 For a regime like Kenya Kwanza that rode on the promises of changing the lives of the majority poor, the public ought to be celebrating absolute numbers the hustlers’ government enjoys in Parliament. In Senate, for instance, it is in the public domain that the Minority of just about 16 can only have their say as a super Majority is lock stock and barrel behind anything pushed by the regime.

One wonders why more resources are not going to counties to help hustlers and why Kenya Kwanza  governors would be crying like all of us when they have UDA senators, some seeking extension of the term of the President. In the National Assembly, the Majority Whip has even gloated over unorthodox means they use to guarantee passage of Bills.

Look, from a hustlers regime that has stoically roped into their side critics who were against them in the run up to the elections, you would expect very progressive and landmark Bills geared towards changing the lives of hustlers. Granted, we have had Bills passed into law and the President has been unequivocal that they are not populist laws, but strategic laws that will put the country in a good place.

Seems though that articulation of this good place and how good it will be for hustlers who are crying now by his loyalists is the problem. Hits and misses here and there and we are celebrating, buts still, compared to where we were at the inception of this regime, the cost of living is unbearable for many hustlers.

Luminaries in this regime are not only setting it up for spectacular failure but making a mockery of the hustlers who believed in their narratives.  Today, instead of deploying their numbers to change lives, they are holding grassroots party elections. Solid political parties with popular elected leaders at the grassroots are important for any democracy. But do our political leaders understand that the very people who come out to vote in these party elections are the ones being devastated by the raging floods and rains?

Does it mean that in their numbers no one had the presence of mind to let them know that with our penchant for not preparing for disaster and legendary inability to mitigate the devastating effects, disaster response at this time is life saving and what the hustlers need.

These are tough times for hustlers; whether in affluent neighbourhoods or in slums and shanties, in urban centres or rural hamlets life will not be the same again for many who have lost lifetime savings and homes they have laboured to build. Some have lost lives.  An agile regime would respond with speed but what we see is compounding of problems for the hustlers. Devastating floods continue to rage, doctors’ strike is still on and the looming outbreak of waterborne diseases will simply exacerbate a devastating situation for hustlers.

All of these factors put the numerical advantages into perspective, revealing how the majority in Parliament has been weaponised against the very people who granted them power. Majority leader’s public discussion about plans to purchase a new presidential jet raises questions about priorities during such challenging times. Meanwhile, the legitimate demands of our doctors are being trivialised, while Chief Administrative Secretaries are poised to enjoy salaries and perks that exude opulence.

 It is evident that someone is diligently working to remind the public that they vested power in a team of leaders, yet this power seems to be misused. The numerical strength in the Senate and Council of Governors, which the regime proudly flaunts, should be directed towards addressing the plight of the people. 

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