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UDA has not appointed public officials to party ranks – Malalah to ODM

Thursday, April 4th, 2024 19:44 | By
UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malalah
UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malalah. PHOTO/@Cleophasmalala/X

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has told off the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) over claims that it (UDA) appointed public officials into party ranks.

The Orange Party raised concerns after UDA formed its national elections board, with its chairperson being an official with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

The ruling party holds that those appointed are not public officials per se and that it is keen on upholding constitutional mandates. 

"Considering recent allegations made by the ODM party accusing the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) of appointing public servants within our party organs to handle elections, we feel compelled to respond with clarity and transparency. UDA Party respects, upholds and protects the Constitution and abides by all the parameters of the law. As a result, we are fully aware of the definitive provisions of the law on what and who constitutes a 'public officer'," UDA said in a statement by its secretary general Cleophas Malalah.

"We are guided by judicial precedents and determinations that have found and held that chairpersons of state corporations are not public officers within the definition of Article 260 of the Constitution. The accusations of ODM are therefore unfounded and benighted."

UDA says ODM is using the allegations to mask internal leadership wrangles emerging at Chungwa House.

"It is evident that the ODM party is attempting to deflect attention from its internal challenges by casting aspersions on the UDA party. The nomination of their party leader, Raila Odinga, to the position of African Union Commission Chair has undoubtedly sparked internal wrangles and power struggles within the ODM party," Malalah added.

"Rather than addressing these issues head-on, they have chosen to engage in baseless accusations against our party."

UDA members during Internal Dispute Resolution Committee (IDRC) Inaugural Meeting. PHOTO/@Cleophasmalala/X
UDA members during Internal Dispute Resolution Committee (IDRC) Inaugural Meeting. PHOTO/@Cleophasmalala/X

UDA elections

Malalah has promised that its national and grass-roots elections would be conducted in a democratic manner.

"The United Democratic Alliance remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting free, fair, verifiable, and just grassroots polls. We believe in the fundamental principles of democracy and are dedicated to ensuring that every Kenyan has a voice in the decision-making process," the statement continued.

"Our focus remains on serving the people and delivering tangible results for the betterment of our nation."

They urged ODM to do the same during its own exercise.

"In conclusion, we urge the ODM party to prioritize its internal affairs and uphold the democratic values it claims to champion. The United Democratic Alliance will continue to work tirelessly to fulfil the aspirations of the Kenyan people and its members and build a prosperous future for all," Malalah said.

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