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Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza joins UDA

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 12:11 | By
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza during a past event.
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza during a past event. PHOTO/Kawira Mwangaza/Facebook

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has joined President William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Mwangaza officially joined the party on Tuesday, April 3, 2024, at the Hustler Centre where she was received by UDA chairperson Cecily Mbarire and Secretary General Cleophas Malalah.

Speaking moments after joining the party, Mwangaza called for unity in the country as well as the party led by President Ruto.

"People have been asking me where we are heading in 2027. They have been asking for a sign. I have come today to tell the people of Meru that this is the sign. The party is UDA. It is no longer a secret; in 2027 I will be a UDA candidate," Mwangaza stated.

Mwangaza, who has been at loggerheads with Meru MCAs, urged them to bury the hatchet and work with her in her newfound political home.

"For UDA MCAs who are at home, I would urge that we work together. For the benefit of Meru County, fights will not help. I have opened my door and I say, 'come let's reason together and work together to lift Meru'. God has given us a chance, an opportunity, to help the people of Meru. Without unity God will not command a blessing," she said.

Mwangaza was elected as the Meru governor in the 2022 General Elections as an independent candidate. Before that, she served as a woman representative since 2017 as an independent politician.

Mwangaza impeachment

Mwangaza was impeached for the second time on October 25, 2023, after all 59 MCAs who were present at the Meru County Assembly supported a motion moved by Majority Leader Evans Mawira.

Kawira was first impeached on December 14, 2023, and became the first county boss to be voted out barely three months after being sworn in.

Mwangaza survived the second impeachment a month later after the senate dismissed 11 charges levelled against her for lack of evidence.

The governor faced charges of misappropriation and misuse of resources, nepotism, bullying, illegal appointments, contempt of court, and naming a road after her husband illegally.

She had survived a similar impeachment motion in December 2022 after an 11-member committee of the Senate termed the charges against her as unsubstantiated.

Jakakimba joins UDA

Mwangaza joined UDA days after former Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga's aide Silas Jakakimba officially joined the party.

In a statement after joining the ruling party, Jakakimba said the party led by President William Ruto was growing in popularity in the Nyanza region, hence he was ready to join the wave.

"Joining UDA affirms the party's growing popularity in Nyanza and across the country. I intend to join the many Nyanza people who are now increasingly ready to mobilize, popularize and even contest for elections on the UDA platform. Joining UDA confirms my belief that the party is a national party with a national constituency and an even brighter future in the path of grounding and consolidating democratic gains in our years-old quest for good governance in the Joint Republic. Needless to say, the UDA is the largest party by count in the county assemblies nationally, in the Senate, in the National Assembly and lastly — the party that delivered the presidency," he stated.

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