Mining CAS Mosonik decries ‘shameless water war’

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 10:00 | By
Mining CAS John Mosonik.

Bomet County government has been accused of resorting to ‘primitive’ ways of solving the long-standing water dispute with neighbouring Kericho by disconnecting its supply.

Terming it a needless shame, Petroleum and Mining CAS John Mosonik expressed his concern at what he said was a persistent problem which had taken the county too long to address.

Mosonik said disconnecting water supply to the entire county due to failure to offset bills was not only wrong but a grave matter which should not happen in the current era.

He pointed out that water was a necessity for all and no one should be deprived of it merely because of differences that can be ironed out.

“Only individual water defaulters should have their water supply disconnected but not the entire locality,” said Mosonik.

While vowing to find a lasting solution within 100 days if elected, Mosonik who has expressed  intention to vie for the Bomet gubernatorial seat in the August General Election said he is going to work together with the incoming Kericho county chief to find a solution.

He said that is part of his agenda to ensuring water for all.

Itare water project in Bomet which supplies water to key institutions and about 40,000 residents of Buret in Kericho has been the centre of feud between the two counties.

Bomet Water Company, which manages it, has constantly cut the bulk supply of the commodity to the sub county over accruing bills, which dates back to 2013.

As of August last year, electricity bills which Kericho was owed had reached over Sh40 million. 

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