Mt Kenya musicians respond to Kamanda payment claims

Thursday, January 16th, 2020 18:49 | By
Muigai Njoroge

Musicians from Mt Kenya region have chastised nominated MP Maina Kamanda over his remarks that some artists from the region are paid by Deputy President William Ruto to compose songs against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Led by Muigai Njoroge, a renowned gospel artist, the musicians rubbished Kamanda’s opinion terming it as untruthful and skewed to help him gain political mileage.

The nominated MP while addressing a press conference in Nairobi recently intimated that the musicians have been receiving millions from the DP to compose songs that seemingly object President Kenyatta’s leadership.

Muigai, in a video that has gone viral on social media said: “I have sung many songs in the past which carry political messages. All these time, who has been paying me for them? I think I should be very rich by now if that was the case.”

In the video, Muigai who has recently released a song painting the current political and economic state of the country, Central Kenya especial also urged Kamanda to desist from attacking musicians without grasping the meaning held in their compositions.

Ngaruiya Junior, a renowned Kigooco artist described Kamanda as a misguided politician who is misinformed.

In a video that has also been widely circulated, the musician said that it is President Kenyatta who linked them with Ruto during their 2017 campaign rallies and nothing will unhook them from supporting his (Ruto) 2022 presidency.

“We are with Ruto because we love him and we are not changing minds. Uhuru said he will lead for ten years and later support Ruto’s two-term leadership. Uhuru did not show us Raila and nothing will come between us and our support for Ruto,” he said.

He scolded Kamanda as having likened the region musicians with prostitutes and urged him to tone down, respect them and their compositions.

The musicians expressed confidence that Ruto will clinch presidency with ease and urged Kamanda to withdraw his statement to avoid shame in the long run.

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