My husband is heaven-sent, says Waiguru after surviving impeachment

Saturday, June 27th, 2020 15:35 | By
Embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. Photo/PD/FILE

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has praised her lawyer husband Kamotho Waiganjo after surviving impeachment at the Senate.

In her statement a few hours after the Senate committee acquitted her, the governor thanked her lover for supporting her. Kamotho Waiganjo was the lead counsel in her defense.

"I would like to thank my husband who has been amazingly supportive throughout this process. A friend of mine recently said that there are husbands from heaven and then there are husbands who come walking. You are definitely one from heaven," she said.

Waiguru said her impeachment did not meet the 'required threshold'.

"It is profoundly clear that this impeachment process did not meet the required threshold and that it was all a choreographed plan of events that was aimed at tarnishing my name," she said.

The governor, however, acknowledged loopholes in her governance but said she would address and make improvements.

"The report’s findings did indeed reveal areas of improvement in administration by officers and need for better checks and balances. I would like to assure Kirinyaga residents that this will not go unaddressed and that the necessary changes and improvements will be made to both human resource and systems with the aim of improving service delivery to the people of Kirinyaga," she continued.

She urged her Members of the County Assembly(MCAs) to 'own up to their failures and play their part' in ensuring they move Kirinyaga Forward.

"I call upon the County Assembly to own up to their failures and play their part in ensuring that we move Kirinyaga forward. Rather than prioritizing funds to projects such as building of MCAs offices, they should prioritize allocation of funds for Covid-19 management and healthcare projects as proposed by the executive"

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