Nairobi DG Ann Kananu applauds Chief Justice nominee Martha Koome

Thursday, April 29th, 2021 21:19 | By

Nairobi County Deputy Governor and acting Governor Ann Kananu, has expressed confidence in Lady Justice Martha Koome following her nomination for Chief Justice post.

Speaking at an event organised by the Misnistry of Public Service and Gender that was spearheaded by Cabinet Secretary, Margaret Kobia at the Sarova Hotel, Panafric, Kananu asserted that Martha has what it takes to bring the necessary change in the judiciary.

"Lady Justice Martha Koome's nomination is a strong indicator that women can change culture and customs in the society; With the right laws, and yes, with the right role-models as you are. This kind of change can take time, but is attainable," she said.

She also urged women to help each other break the ceiling by supporting one of their own. "All of you here today are connected and have amazing stories to tell. Stories of hard work, and of success. Some of you were the first women in your families to get degrees and get a well-paying job. Others were the first woman CEOs in male dominated companies or even the first woman Cabinet Secretaries,” she said. 

“None of you were naturally expected in your roles. You all had to fight to get wherever you are. You had to defy conventions, traditions and overcome obstacles of all kinds. And a lot of you had to fight and work harder than your male colleagues.

“This should not be the case. We all want to start and advance on a level playing field. The Covid-19 pandemic has made some of these obstacles and unbalances more visible. Women have a much higher risk of losing their jobs because of this crisis. It's twice as high compared to men. Because many women have more precarious jobs. But in most cases, it's because most women have to take care of their children full-time. No one hardly ever looks in the direction of the fathers and our men,” she added.

The Gender Ministry brought together a selection of women leaders to issue a statement on the nomination of Lady Justice Martha Koome for the position of Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya and to take stock of the milestones that have been made in the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment agenda in Kenya.

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